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Re: Navicular disease

In a message dated 98-05-22 12:21:06 EDT, writes:

<< Is this actually written into the rules?  I thought AERC events had to
 be open to ALL equines?
 tracy >>

Sorry to duplicate posts, Tracy--hit the wrong button...

AERC events are OPEN to all equines, but any horse that presents with a
medical condition that would not allow it to compete without jeopardizing its
health or soundness could be and should be eliminated by the ride vets.  I
don't know that there is actually a RULE against nerved horses, but it is a
subject that has been discussed from time to time by the veterinary committee,
and veterinarians in attendance have always been pretty much unanimous in
stating that they would eliminate nerved horses and that they felt that should
be the general policy.

Heidi Smith, DVM

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