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Thank you for the support/son's auto accident

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From: Genie Stewart-Spears 

Thanks to everyone who called and emailed me with encouragement and support following my 16-year-old son's auto accident that left him in critical condition and on a respirator for 10 days.  Kids are amazing.  I know that I would have never survived such a horrific head-on collision, but youth has the energy to rejuvenate remarkedly and miraculously.

My son Jeff is home now, a month after the accident, and convalescing slowly but positively.  He has to have more surgery on his face/eye, and we continue to pray for the return of his sight in the injured eye.  In the meantime, he hobbles around the house in a special walker, and talks of the day he will drive again!

The puppy we bought him is another miracle.  It survived the viral disease (parvo or corona - we're not sure which it was), and life is slowly regaining a symbolance of normality.

And for those that are waiting on orders to be filled, I am back in the office, picking up where I left off on April 21 when the world stopped for me and my family.

Thank you again for your support and prayers through these rough times.  

Genie Stewart-Spears
dba Horse Works

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