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Re :electrolyte dosages

Hi Roger!
glad you're O.K.  

I used the Enduro-Max at Biltmore.  Roger and I have had this dosage
discussion in the past.  I tend to dose low on his scale.  For the
Biltmore ride I gave one 35mm-can just before the ride, one at the 16.2
mi. point.  One and 1/2 at the next check which was 37.2 mi. Then gave
one in the middle of the next loop which was 21 mi. long. 1 can at the
next check which was the 74.5 mi. point, and one at the next check (12.2
mile later).  I think one reason more horses have problems at this ride
is that the loops tend to be long.  If you only dose at vet checks,
that's a problem.  The long loops are in the hottest part of the day. 
For example the loop lengths were:  16.3 mi., 20.9 mi. 21.1 mi., 16.2 mi.
12.3 and 12.3.  Also, those long ones were the mountainous ones. 

One thing I think saved me was that I sponge A LOT!  I don't just mean
when they stop to drink, I mean everywhere that there's moisture,
including mud.  I think just about everyone increased their electrolytes
SOME that day.  Since the problems encountered seemed to be associated
with not enough of an increase, and I didn't increase THAT much, maybe my
horse just lost fewer electrolytes, since he didn't have to sweat as
much.  Make sense?  By the way, I might would have increased the
electrolytes more...but he just didn't seem to be drinking all that much.
 However, his skin tenting was an "A-" at the finish.

By the way, this was the first ride where I've used Enduro-Max, and it's
the first ride where he has continued to graze AFTER a dose of
electrolytes was administered.  However, it's also the first time I've
given him probiotics, so I don't know which to give the credit to.

Angie and Kaboot

On Thu, 21 May 1998 18:56:51 -0400 VMAXEPT Roger Rittenhouse
<> writes:
>appears the dose for endura-max to be the same.. 2 to 3 oz per dose
>that is approx 2 35-mm film cans.. equals on dose.
>the directions suggest using more if the condx indicates it.. educated
>rider-- know when to increase doseage..
>if i get a/b on dehy  i keep the dose the same.. and assuming the 
>drinks well in the vc and on trail..

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