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Re: AERC Bylaws Suggestions

Jerry Fruth wrote:
>   If one wants to serve as a board member then they should be able to
> pay the price to travel to the meetings.  There is no cheap way out of
> doing what is right.  Jerry Fruth AERC#441


	We're not talking about eliminating the travel required to the mid-year
and annual meetings.  But sometimes, like over this last year, issues
came up that required discussion and voting on that could not wait until
the mid-year meeting (like hiring a new Executive Director).  How this
was handled was with a conference call, which to connect all 26 board
members cost AERC $1,000 per hour.  This by-law change would help save
AERC money, not eliminate the individual board member's duty to pay
their own expenses to the annual and mid-year meeting.

Terry Woolley Howe
Pacific Southwest

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