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Crash Test-long

sorry for the all lower case type- i am now one handed for a week or so.

today fasha and i were out for our final hard workout before the iaha
nat ctr in ga this weekend.

we were comming back along a dirt stone road  -with some rock-- but
trottable.. when we were passed by a truck full of big barking dogs.. i
should have been walking.. but fasha who never shys  took a step off the
road hit a rock and went down --hard  on both knees and hit her nose..
i thought she was going tp flip over..she recovered.. but i did not

and was catapulted over her head as it came back up..
i remember seeing the road.. then the next thing   i was  on my back
looking up at her.

i hit my head  -in a helmet-  first impact then as i flipped over i hit
my left shoulder hard..
was a bit dazed.. when i realized i was laying there holding her rope
birdle hack i use-- a device i took from the pasos..

since she was in shock too she did not run off..took me 10 or 15  sec to
get up --fell once  wobles--weeble--

i grabed her breast collar  and realized my left arm did not
function...i pleaded with her not to run off.. i was in the gee creek
wilderness.. no telling where she would go..

i put here bridle back on with one hand --asking for a head drop---
thank you mr lyons..
i noted she had blood on both knees and ankles.. not too bad..
we walked to a spring.. where i could get water for me and to wash her
legs off -- nothing deep just hide cuts-- cleaned her up and sat there
for a few minutes..a bit shocky..

now i felt the shoulder-- moved my arm and almost fell.. wow ..
knew something was broke..
2 miles to the parking lot.. walked a bit  but no good..had to mount..

now in natrc a judge named bev tibbits use to ask for a one arm mount..
i thought sure.. well i thought i would see if it could be done-- so a
few months ago i worked at it.. fasha would take a small step or shift
and i would fall we never got it to work out all the way..
now here i am -- must mount-- so i asked her to parkout.. held the reins
in my mouth.. and asked for here to stand..i got up with one hand
pulling and the bad one as a steadying out rigger.. it hurt but we  got
up.. and she stood until i had both feet in the stirrups.. then we
walked off..
dont know if she knew i was hurt-- and or all that 'training' we have
been doing for the 'silly' natrc horsemanship  really did pay off.. so i
guess something good came out of me doing natrc with her the past 3
yrs--what ever -- we made it back  to the trailer.. a bit weezy..
i left the saddle on.. got her halter on  and opened the trailer door--
threw the rope over her saddle and told her get in.. again  thanks john
l-- she was side ways to the stall-- turned and walked on..first time i

one and half- hand driving with a stick shift-- we got home..

i normally carry a crash kit on the saddle-- this time it was not there
-i moved it all to the saddle i used last weekend..
i carry arnica pills and calendula tint and rescue rem -- and other
normal first aide stuff.. oh well  need a kit on every saddle

carol just came home and we  worked on fasha first.. she appears ok  and
trots sound..

but me -- i have a compession fracture of the left shoulder.. really
painfull.. doing alot of arinca.. ice and magnetics.
went to er-- where carol works  in xray  doc said will be about 3
weeks..and there is no fix..just a mashed shoulder socket.. will be a
problem later..

so no iaha  ctr.. just hope i can get together for the od50... could be
tough  and i dont have a crew..will see how it heels..

anyway  i will get a  new helmet-- and the head seems ok.. sore neck
but spinal issues..

this is my very first down time injury ever-- been doing this since 72--
only been dumped off a horse  about 10 times--never hurt--just lucky

at least i will get all those hrm repairs done now.. cant ride..
and get my carbo reports written..  i need the speach to type program

real bummer after such a great run at biltmore
roger r

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