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Re: electrolyte supplementation

U of Guelph (Gayle Ecker) did a paper on electrolyte is on my website.
Look on the electrolyte page and click on :The Development of Perform 'N Win".
They will also be at the Great Northern Connection doing ON THE SPOT analysis!!!



> In a message dated 98-04-29 21:01:39 EDT, writes:
> << Heidi, you state fact here. But what is the evidence? I know of no
>  evidence that they become more efficient (lose less electrolytes) with
>  training. I do know that may horses lose the ability to sweat effectively
>  with training, sometimes resulting in anhydrosis. this cannot be equated
>  with improved efficiency. >>
> Sorry to be slow with a reply to this.  I am not a good academic in that I
> don't save my references, but I know there were several papers done on this
> subject several years ago (while I was a student) that we looked at in our
> physiology classes.  The numbers were in the magnitude of 1/10 the amount of
> electrolyte per volume of sweat in well-conditioned horses vs. unconditioned
> horses.  I have to say that my own experience in real life would underscore
> this research--I am not so quantitative, but I DO know that in my
> unconditioned horses, the sweat tastes salty, and in my fit horses, I often
> cannot detect a salty taste to their sweat.  Also, their sweat evaporates much
> more cleanly, leaving very little residue on their skin, as opposed to the
> salty residue left on the less fit horses.  Anhydrosis is not a problem--they
> sweat plenty.
> Heidi

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