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breeding foxtrotter to arab


I have bred my Spotted TWH to 5 non-gaited horses.  All 5 foals have had color
and gait (some people think that's the best of both worlds)  :-)  I am not
that familiar with the Foxtrotter on personality (have owned a few, though),
but have found that Arabs, Pasos, Mustangs and Walkers have been the most
personable.  I have owned several different breeds over the years for various
things and by personal preference have always gone back to Walkers.

By all means if she wants to breed for gait and endurance, tell her to go for
it.  Assuming that the mare is in good condition, at her age, to breed and
carry the foal. (but, that's another issue, isn't it?)  This way she'll have
something to carry on after her mare has gone on to greener pastures.  

Good luck and many happy trails.

Leslie & Wally
C & L Farms
Specializing in Spotted Walking Horse training, breeding and sales

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