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Re: New Horse

In a message dated 98-05-13 13:50:27 EDT, you write:

<< Questions, are jr riders still considered jr's when they turn 16?  What is
 the cut off age?   >>

Any rider under 16 as of December 1st is a Junior rider.  Exception, a junior
14 years or older who has done 500 miles and has parental permission to ride
unsponsored. The junior rider then is competing against senior riders.  If the
rider is 16 before December 1st, then she beomces a senior rider and no longer
needs a sponsor.  Junior riders must ride with a competent adult (21+ yrs.)
sponsor, stay with that sponsor at all times, arrive at and leave vet cnecks
at the same time, and finish within one minute of each other at the finish
line.  Juniors also must wear helmets.


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