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Re: DVMS and $$, was: cost of coggins

I just got back from the vets. Got health certificates for 2 horses, rhino for
2, tetanus and encephalo for 2 and a coggins for 1. Cost $78. Got to ask the
vet questions about feed, hooves and other horse health related issues. Not
bad in my opinion. 

If you come to see me at the family practice setting I am in for a sports
physical, lab test and immunizations it may cost a lot more than that and that
would be for one person. Bring a family member and it is going to double that.
And if it is your first visit the cost will be way more than that. I don't set
the prices for these things but those that do use community standards. 

What may look easy and quick sometimes takes alot of education and experience
to be able to do easily, quickly and correctly. Also, as others mentioned,
there are alot of hidden costs...paying for the staff to log the coggins, send
it off, file the report, billing costs and the list goes on.

Vets, you won't get complaints from me...

Ed Roley
western NC

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