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Truman -- We have experienced the same problem here in VA.  Roy will only
ride TW's and his stallion, who recovered to a pulse of 32 after carrying
250 lbs on the Sherman Gap 35 and was ready to do it again, was pronounced
lame in the rear.  I have never seen this horse take one stride at a
trot(not even in the field) so he gaits at the trot out.  We had similar
problems at another VA ride.  That spoiled it for Roy .....he refuses to
compete anymore.  Anyway....I bred my arab mare to the stallion and have a
very nice 2 yr old gelding who I belive will have a nice slow pleasure gait
but trots REAL pretty too.  What I got was a nice arab that uses his rear
very well.

We need vets that are educated at all gaits!!!!

Lori Hayward - and Dark Haze's Sundancer(a Prides Gold Coin great-grandson)
who might yet convert me!
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From: Truman Prevatt <>
To: <>
Date: Wednesday, May 13, 1998 2:52 PM

>At 07:00 AM 5/13/98 -0400, you wrote:
>>On Date: Tue, 12 May 1998 08:05:52 -0400 you wrote:
>>Do not be discouraged. CTR's are judged subjectively.  What one vet sees
>>another may not...the vet may be right or wrong, but your are paying and
>>fee for his opinion.<<<<
>> If the veterinarian judging on an (ECTRA) CTR is "subjective", then ALL
>>veterinary judging (including AERC) is "subjective", too!
>Several years ago I did a few CTR's - not ECTRA but SEDRA who has similar
>rules as ECTRA and who strives to be objective.  My problem was I was doing
>them on a walking horse. The judges and the vets tended to either a) not be
>very well trained in judging motion of anything but a trot or b) have to be
>so nit picky that anything out of the absolute standard of a trot was lame.
> After trotting a sound horse out four time and having it pronounced lame
>in all four legs at different times I came to the conclusion that I should

>try endurance.
>Never had a lame horse at an endurance ride - except for the tumble at the
>Biltmore when she was sore from the fall.  In fact she even won a BC. I
>know of other people with the same problems at CTR's with other gaited
>horses, paso, foxtrotters, saddlebreds, etc.
>On one ride several years ago in FL the head vet was out of Tennessee.  Vet
>students from UF were helping the vets and trying to learn something.  I
>trotted out Misty for the completition and the vet called gait A and
>impulsion A.  The student looked perplexed and the vet said, "haven't you
>ever seen a walking horse move before".  The answer was no.  So he asked me
>to trot Misty out again as he explained how they move and what to look for
>in a walking horse.
>This was a last year vet student who would be out on the world soon - maybe
>judging CTR's - and she was ready to call my horse lame.

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