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Re: Heartrate Threshold

I have been using the 80% concept .. I wrote about his years ago..
Run him out up a hill note the highest hr.. do it a number of times to
make sure it is correct.

take 80% for the threashold..

to  test your hrm .. and  insure you get 'real'  reading..
start at a trot - canter then gallop.. as the speed and or hill
increases.. the hr should ramp up in steps.. 180 185 190 195 200 210
then slow down to see if the hr drops..220 210 ---
the newer models have a 2 second update window.. so they are very
responsive to changes in /of effort   --as well as less susceptable to
artifact caused by movement - etall.

if the hr 'sticks' or will not show a change withn a few seconds of
effort changes the readings are inaccurate.  check for problems..ugh
neopreme girths

 V-MAX has been 'mill' tested at high speed with hr over 220.

Fasha will peak around 220 to 230  - she 'works' all day at 160 ..
arab-stbd-morgan x
flows along at 145.
I set here cross over at 180.

my 16 yr old smaller horse tops out at about 215.. and she is really

she works well at 135 and cruises at 120.  doing about 9 mph.

I believe many horses can have high hr over 230.. but not for long..
IF your hrm is installed correctly you can track it

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