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flaming legs

About sore legs -- don't wear anything that can shift around or wrinkle
up!  I don't know why the pantihose didn't help except Maybe it was so
slick it Did let your outerwear move around too much.  I use my  Harry
Hall britches and leather half-chaps to protect against the stirrup
leathers, and that's worked just fine for over 6,000 miles. 
  BTW -- glad you are on Ridecamp as it's a goldmine of information.  BUT
-- if you are really getting into endurance, and *therefore* are
interested in really supporting the sport, join AERC!  This is the group
that works its heart out to keep our great sport going...  Send AERC an
email at and ask them to send you membership
information.   Cheers and good luck (;-), Connie B  (CA)

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