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Saddle by Mail/Crupper

For those of you considering purchasing a used saddle I would like you
to know that it worked out good for me. We needed a second saddle to fit
my gelding and found a used Sharon Saare in the right size. It was
mailed COD and was everything the lady said it was. No surprises, bad or

I did a training ride in it yesterday and it was fine. I DEFINATELY
prefer my Synergist with a deeper and closer seat, but I got used to it.
Since, the Saare saddle will mostly be used by my husband, he has the
final say. He did indicate that the jury is still out and that he likes
my saddle better too. We do need to modify the cinch as it is too close
behind his elbows. Somehow we need to use the back "C" rings and make a
"V" so the rigging is dropped down more. Anyone have any ideas?

Also, the saddle stays put very well up hills but does tend to ride up
his shoulders going downhill. I am reluctant to use a crupper because,
somehow, I feel that all that weight pulling on the tail bone is not
that good. Is there any proof that it can harm the horse?

Kyla & Bugs

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