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Re: Skowronek Question/Arkansas Jihad

I jumped the are right and I knew it....what I intended to say is
that "pure" and "crabbet" can only be Doyle.  By "pure" I mean Al
the desert, etc.  I by no means intend that anyone think anything else is
not a good horse, just not "pure".  By the way, Maloof bred Doyles and

On the other hand, the is plenty of documented proof that Skowronek was NOT
of "pure" blood.  BUT, he did do much to change the Crabbet horse from what
Lady Anne Blunt first intended.  Whetre it for the better or worse is
personal opinion.

For endurance purposes...a good horse is a good horse.  His pedigree matters
not much.


Susan B. Felker wrote:

> Teddy,
> Skowronek was owned by Crabbet and pure Crabbets can indeed have
> Skowronek blood. As a breeder of pure, or straight Crabbets, I assure
> you a Skowronek-bred horse fits the definition. The article by Carol
> Mulder on our web site (menu at bottom, Crabbet) goes into this.
> Pure Crabbets with Skowronek are not Sheykh Obeyd, only the Doyle and
> Malouf horses are S.O. Was this what you meant, implying that horses
> with Skowronek blood are of questionable purity?
> And so we don't stray too far--quite a few of the early Crabbet imports
> to the US were used for endurance. I recently finished reading Tribes of
> the Euphrates, by Lady Anne Blunt (actually by Wilfred, based on her
> journals), in which she spoke of watering the horses once a day in the
> desert and letting them drink their fill-not quite how things are done
> today. Anyone interested, please e-mail me off the list.
> Now, back to my habitual lurk mode while waiting for my 3-year-old mare
> to mature.
> Susan Felker, member, Board of Directors, Eastern Crabbet Arabian Horse
> Society
> Black Ridge Arabians

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