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[Fwd: Re: coggins/health papers]

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Sort of on the subject of weigh stations...  We live on the GA/FL line,
I trailer to the beach to ride nearly every weekend.  the police at the
I 95 stations know me and my horses by heart, but every time we cross
still have to fill out all the paperwork, making sure the horses coggins
match the health papers.  the whole thing is a big joke and a waste of
time.  They NEVER look at my horses to make sure the horse matches the
coggins(as far as I'm concerned that is the ONLY important thing they
need to check...)

It's to the point now even if I'm not riding at the beach or have
someone elses horse in the trailer will just not say anything, hand over
my paperwork and they assume I'm heading to the beach and w/ my
horse(s)in the trailer.  Pretty poor way of doing their job.

Have never had been stopped weighing my truck and trailer(just drive
over the scales like the big trucks and wave to the guy in the booth)

Anita Carlson

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