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Anyone out there have luck with using an Aussie saddle?  I've been
getting some info on the Syd Hill line and am very interested,
considering the Australians have worked years to build saddles that will
endure days in the outback without soring the horse or rider. I know
there are lighter weight ones available.   Also, I met someone recently
who uses a dressage saddle on her rides.  I love the feel of dressage
saddles because of the deeper seat and knee pads, but have only ridden
them in an arena situation -- not hours on the trail.  I also don't know
how they'd be for weight distribution on the horse's back.

Incidentally, I'd like to add that I'm a new subscriber to this
newsgroup and have already gotten a lot of great information from many
of you.  I was disappointed, however, in the postings of recent days
discussing in detail and disputing the bloodlines of Arabians.  I have a
gorgeous Arab with tremendous heart who I love dearly.  I've preferred
Arabs all of my life, but my riding partner has an extremely fit
Missouri Fox Trotter who can go for miles without so much as breaking a
sweat not to mention being very comfortable for her rider.  She's one of
the neatest horses I've come in contact with.  I don't think the intent
of this group is to dispute bloodlines.  I like practical info I can
use.  Let me know if I'm way off base here.

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