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Re: search & rescue/kicking incident

On Sun, 10 May 1998 22:58:17 EDT, Jpcornes <> wrote:

>Sorry, but I *CAN'T* believe that we are back to this subject *AGAIN*!
>Enough already!


The story was a bit long -- but clearly labeled as such, and adding
some additional and important insight to what is a serious and often
under-considered problem.  Did you see the article about it in EN this

I've seen a "known kicker" ridden by a rider incapable of or unwilling
to discipline the horse kick another rider and seriously injure her at
the start of a ride.  The kicked rider was not at fault and had no
opportunity to get out of the way, but her weekend was ruined and she
suffered a lot of pain and loss.  I've been kicked and injured myself
by a horse I was passing on a two-track "jeep trail" with the horse I
was passing in one track and I in the other.  This is a potential time
bomb and anything that raises awareness and stimulates discussion is


Joe Long
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