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weigh stations

I cannot imagine a more important topic that knowing the risk of getting a
ticket going to a ride because we "ran the port".  Even as a lawyer, I find
the regulations very confusing and appreciate the imput from those of you
who are crossing state lines more than I.  Teddy--are you being treated as
commercial because you have the logos on your rig and are usually
transporting goods for sale that are now agricultural? Could it also be the
size of your rig and the diesel pulling it.  It really is a large outfit by
most of our standards.

Utah and Idaho have been pretty easy on us locals but Colorado is real
serious. I've been there three times in 4 months and they have checked
everything very closely. They require Coggins and Health Certs on all horses
and proper licensing on the trailer.  Have not been asked for a log book yet.

The wild horse herds on the indian reservation in north eastern Utah are
experiencing a major epidemic of EIA (Swamp Fever) and I suspect that all
the surrounding states will be watching all horses very carefully.  I don't
recommend running our ports--it can get very expensive to end up impounded
in the desert country of the west--particularly on a weekend.  The closest
court is usually a Justice of the Peace (non lawtrained) and can be 75+
miles out of your way.

Joane and the Herd

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