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Fw: ridecamp-d Digest V98 #381

Joane and Herd,

I have a new intel computer with lots of "room" and I too waited for what
seemed forever for this Digest to download, only to find that it came out
as complete jibberish.  

Personally, I love to look at pictures :-)  But maybe it would be better to
have someone say that pictures are available at a particular web site or to
say that they could be sent privately if someone is interested.  I belong
to a couple of lists which have this policy because of having problems with
a few people having computers crash because they couldn't handle the size
of the download.

I've been reading for months now and have gotten a lot of good tips. 
Thanks to all of you who contribute information, especially about all types
of saddles  :-)

Anita in Ohio

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