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prepared feeds

I am writing this question concerning feed with full knowledge that I'm
stepping into territory that's been beaten to death with no real clear
cut answers, but I'm hoping only to get some opinions.  So here goes.
I'm just beginning to train for distance rides (no competition as of
yet) and feed my 5-year-old Arab gelding a 50/50 combo of
alfalfa/bermuda hay each day.  He can be hard to keep weight on, and the
stable at which I board supplements him with 4 lbs. of a bermuda blend
pellet.   I personally would rather have him on some type of a grain
pellet with vitamins/minerals to better maintain his weight and
nutrition without making him high.  What types of prepared feed have
people tried with good results?  A lot of people in my part of the
country (southwest) including some vets love Pure Pride 100 and  200,
and some have also liked Strategy.  I see there's now something called
Equine Adult.  Does anyone use any of these?  Also, do you feed
additional supplements?  The only supplement he's getting now is a
skin/coat supplement by Select that has really worked well.  I get lots
of compliments on his beautiful coat!

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