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I appreciate Linda's ride story, I have to say I have been more than a
little self-conscious about the discussion of electric fences and safety
pens.  I'm not even sure, but I think Shadow took out, maybe 7 pens, (some
shared sides), these included electric fence, safety fence and portable
panels.  I know he went between a tied horse and a trailer, I think he hit
both of them.  As far as I could find out, no one was injured, except for
him.  We did 11 more miles, but he had bruised his chest and neck and was
getting very stiff.

I had my back to the lighting, but I was looking at Shadow when it hit.  I
think he must have taken at least a small hit.  We were only about 1/2 the
distance of the guy that got burned from the trailer.

He is a small horse, but very strong.  I don't think ANY device could have
held him without causing more serious damage that what was done.  I was
very glad that he was not tied, I think he may have hurt himself very badly
if that had been the case.  Maybe that is a very selfish attitude, I'm

This is getting a little long, but there is not a perfect answer for
confining horses.  And what works best for each individual will also depend
on their horses.  I think electric pens are fine for horses that are
trained to them, but they must be visible.  BTW, about 10 acres of my
pasture at home is fenced with the white electric tape, he is well
accustomed to it.

Again, I apologize to the people who were unfortunate to be in his way, and
Thanks, for everyone's help and concern. 

Becky Huffman

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