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Re: Scotts Flat

Australian Connection is usually at Scotts Flat.  If they aren't there, I
will be there and have an extra pair of splint boots that you are welcome to

Ridecampers, please stop by and say hello!

Pat Fredrickson
Natural Horse Handling Rope Halters

-----Original Message-----
From: Dorothy Foster <>
To: <>
Date: Wednesday, May 06, 1998 9:28 PM
Subject: Scotts Flat

>Are there any tack supply people lurking who plan to be at Scotts Flat on
>Saturday? I was beginning to get my stuff together and couldn't find
>Roshani's ankle boots. I noticed that she has some interference marks on
>the inside of her back fetlocks, so I really need for her to wear ankle
>protectors. There's not enough time to shop for them. Does anyone know if
>there will be a tack vendor at the ride? The poor ride manager's phone has
>been busy all evening (hmm, maybe she's visiting Ridecamp!) so I can't ask
>her. Help!
>Hi Tech Tack
>Oroville, CA

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