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Re: Safe Corrals, etc.

	I just wanted to add to this discussion on safekeeping of our horses at
endurance rides.  Recently I was going to buy an electrice fence, and
because of the safety issues I read about on
ridecamp,I decided against that.  I had always gone to rides with others
whose electric fence I used and never had any problems with it, so I have
no bad experiences to report myself.
	So at my next ride I put my horse on a picket line (lots of trees around).
 My horse seemed to like this better, as he did much more walking than he
ever did in an electric corral.  It all worked beautifully for me.  This
seems like such a fabulous way to keep your horse (not to mention a darn
cheap way and noncumbersome) as
long as you do what you can to prevent them from getting wound up in the

	For those who might have questions about not having any trees around, a
well-known and successful rider in the SE, James Barnett, has that solved. 
He ties a line from the end of his horse trailer extended probably 20 yards
away to a tall post that he has buried and staked.  This way he doesn't
even need a tree and it's pretty high, seems quite fabulous.  What more
could you ask for?  I'm sold.  Lori

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