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Fw: resistance to Ivomec


> From: Samm C Bartee <>
> To: Endurance <>; Lunatic Fringe <>
> Subject: resistance to Ivomec
> Date: Wednesday, May 06, 1998 12:14 PM
> hey guys..I have a question for you!!  I have heard from another list
> I am on that a horse recently died from parasite infestation due to
> resistance to ivomec. Supposedly this horse was de-wormed regularly with
> Ivomec, died anyway from build up of parasites.  I think probably this
> just a coincidence, plus, the person asking was a dog person, not a horse
> person, so he didn't know what the regular de-worming consisted of.  
> It could be the owner thought it was once yearly or something like that,
> don't know.  I regularly use Ivomec and feel that it's doing a good job.
> do rotate.  
> Endurance related why?  If I ask my horse to run 50 miles and he is
> parasite laden, that can't be good.  I'm curious. Please reply privately
> if you have any
> Also, I dont' know any further details on this horse or where it was when
> it died.  It was a dog list that I am on that reported it.  
> I just wanted to know if any research was supporting the story of
> resistance to Ivomec.
> thanks
> samm--team coujur

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