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FEI in UAE - Longlist

I got it today...

Melissa Crain/Charbiel
Shirley Delsarte/KJ Destination
Shellie Hatfield/Major Attraction
Danielle Kanavy/Pieraz
Valerie Kanavy/Peiraz/HIWinds Jedi
Ona Lawrence/RAACrusader
Wendy Merendi/Fire Mt. Flikka
Cynthia Peticols-Stroud/Airlite
Patti Pizzo/Savaq
Steve Rojek/SR Peregrine
Amanda Taylor/Tuckers Run
Kathy Thompson/LWZane Grey
Karen Vilander/NYRCrown Royal
Sharon Westergard/Taam
Darlw Westlake/MCRamsZ
Jason Wonders/Grahm Gyani
Jan Worthington/LM Mastermind

This is NOT from an official source so I claim no accuracy.

Teddy wrote:

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> From: Tena Wellings
> Email:
> Has the long list for the FEI ride in the UAE been posted?  If so where?
> Thanks
> Tena

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