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Recognizing Ride Campers

I was really surprised to see that several people whose e-mail names I
recognized were at American River Ride, and I didn't know who any of them
were at the ride! I'm going to  Scotts Flat on Saturday, and I'm going to
ask the number painter to put a "@" under my horse's number. If anyone else
from Ridecamp is going to be there, please watch for a bay mare with that
sign on her rear being ridden by a woman in a really loud helmet cover. I
will be riding with my cousin who rides a bald faced chestnut gelding, and
we plan to leave late and ride slow.  I really would love to be able to put
faces to all the names I'm becoming familiar with, so please introduce
yourselves if you see me.

Dorothy and Roshani
Hi Tech Tack
Oroville, CA

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