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Cinder Lakes 25

Hi all - 

Just wanted to comment on the Cinder Lakes ride we attended this weekend.  My
horse Sky did her first 25 miler & what a nice ride to do it on.  I had heard
this was a good ride to do your first 25 or 50 & now I know why.  The trail
was very well marked & everyone working the ride went the extra mile to make
me & my horse feel important (we were dead last starting & finishing just as

I was pleasantly surprised to find that Sky ate & drank well on her first ride
(was afraid she'd be too distracted).  I did, however, use the advise from
this list on training to drink by offering the chance to drink, then moving on
if not interested (she was learning to put her lips just above the water not
drinking but getting to rest so it was interesting she "got it" on the ride). 

Never felt tempted to ride beyond our conditioning & training & was rewarded
at the end of the ride by a comment from the vet "This horse has another 25 in

Many thanks to Alida & Susie for putting on such a nice ride & to this list
for all the helpful information you provide.

Lori & Sky 

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