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Re: ride rules

I have my gelding on herbs for a cough related to springtime allergies. It's Hilton Hackaway produced by Hilton Herbs. It's accepted by the British Jockey Club as being legal to use during competition. Can anyone tell me if I can continue to use it while I'm competing Buster in competitive trail events? He's certainly not sick - two vets have checked him out and his blood tests are normal and his lungs are clear. He just coughs 2-3 times every half hour or so and gets rid of some crud. He even does it while cruising down the road in harness and never misses a beat. I sure hope that once everything gets leafed out and blossomed that it goes away.
Thanks for any/all info.
Carol Bushway-Boardman and Buster in Vermont (Hey Mom, did you have to share your allergies with me too?)

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