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Re: Aussie Saddle

Mary Ann,
     This is a post I can answer!  The designs features of an aussie saddle
are legendary for comfort and security, and are being translated into our
styles.  We here in the western world are discovering what the aussie's have
known for over 150 years.  All good aussie saddles offer a narrow grip,
which is nice, since your crotch also comes to a point , it's made like you
are.! When you get off, you can still put your knees together, and they
don't hurt.
  Syd Hill has 5 endurance models available here.
Boree, and the Sierra have the same deeper seat, more like a dressage
saddle.  The Boree is the same seat, as the Sierra, but doesn't have all the
bells and whistles.. It has a shorter flap, and shorter poleys, Bare price
$1100. , Sierra is $1400.  and named for the mtns crossed with it on the
   The Premier and National are basicaly the same saddle @ $1410, with
shallow seats, and low pads, but the National has a cutback pommel.
    The Dorrigo @1370. has a high pad.  All can be ridden 2-point with ease,
and weigh 16# except the Boree which is 14#
  These are bare prices, add approx. $200. for fittings.
    I have for sale on consignment, a gorgeous handmade 17" English sizing,
pigskin saddle from Capetown , Australian style with low kneepads, leather
underside, lots of loops, sells for R1500 in Capetown. (don't know what that
is USA) for $600. Fits TB type with prominent backbone.. Anybody interested,
reply privately.  I have a letter from a RideCamper down there re. same
being an excellent saddle..possibly 20 yrs. old, "they never seem to wear
out".  Like old Stubbens, this is a treasure.
 Judy, Duvall, Wa.
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Date: Thursday, April 30, 1998 6:28 PM
Subject: Aussie Saddle

>After the IRS took my saddle money, I am still determined to save up and
>get one.  Would like to know which models have which characterictics for
>comfort, narrow seat and secure seat for endurance.  Rode in one on rental
>horse back in 89, but can't figure out which one it was.  They are sort of
>expensive, so don't want to buy ''a pig in a poke".  Currently, am riding
>Wintec all-purpose with not problems.  Also, have dressage saddle for
>lessons/show(whenever?).  Just can't stand the wideness of the western
>saddle and I just don't rope cattle.  Thanks!
>Mary Ann
>Zavalla, Tx
>9yo green broke horse goes to first endurance effort in 2 days!! (for the
>25 miler)
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ADR;WORK:;;14128 292nd Ave. NE;Duvall;WA;98019

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