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downhill trotting

One thing I would recommend is stretching the hind legs gently.  Maybe you
already do this, but it would be best to take five minutes before and
after riding to do this.  Carry the leg forward toward the front leg,
between the front legs, or just to the outside.  Keep it close to the
ground, no more that half a foot off the ground;  be careful not to pull
him off balance.  That will stretch the hamstrings.  To stretch the
buttocks, again, gently, pull the leg up under the belly and toward the
girth/ sternum.  This is a good stretch, be sure not to over do it (by
pulling too far or holding too long).
	You can also circle the legs in the way that TTEAM teaches,
horizontally over the place that hoof would normally be on the ground.  I
am sure he would also love his front legs and shoulders stretched, but do
whatever you have time for.
Best of luck, it will be a good bonding activity for the two of you

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