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Re: kicking

>Now we are talking about a situation at the start of a ride on a hot
>horse....and still I never said that I was totally right, getting too close
>to the guy in front of us, BUT if the crowd comes to a sliding stop
>downhill with no for-warning after they had just taken off at some sort of
>"trot-a-lopp" speed, which has some riders bouncing uncomfortably on their
>horse's backs, ARE YOU SURE you were going to be able to stop your horse
>one length away from the front horse??
>I don't think so!
>This has nothing to do with how the horse is brought up or even further,
>how the rider is brought up, it is pure physics!!

So what happens if a horse stumbles and the rider comes off, a horse spooks
a dumps a rider or a horse trips and goes down.  Does the physics say you
just run over them?


Truman Prevatt
Mystic "The Horse form Hell" Storm
Little Stormy - "She wasn't with us long - but boy will we miss her"
The Rockman, a.k.a Misty Jr.
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Danson Flame - finally sound and back on the trail - YES!

Brooksville, FL

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