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Yippee! Lower membership fees!

OK YALL delete if you can't take a spoof.....

Conversation heard at the boarding stable today....
"Guess what AERC is gonna do, Susie? We can have a group membership now! 
Let's go tell Dave and Becky and Tina  that we can all join for
.....hmmm...about $25 apiece now, instead of $65, and use the boarding
stable as our address!!"  "No, Mary, I've got a better idea!   If we can be
a group, why not use our entire local riding club as a group?  No one reads
the EN anyway, and we could just pass it around!"  "Great idea!  More money
saved!  Now I'll only have to pay $5 for a membership!!"

Now, I ask you, what is THIS going to do to AERC's finances???

**Names are fictional only.

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