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Re: Other Sport Horse Organization Membership Fee Structures

Bob Morris writes: 
> Teresa:
> <<<Stagg Newman has started the process of having Doyle
> >Patrick get these costs analyzed so that the board can come up with an
> ADULT family membership fee which reflects the costs of membership. >>>
> Remember that what the costs show for a membership is not what you want to
> set the fees at. Fees should be set at something like cost plus 25 to 30
> percent. If this is not done you will never be capable of improvement of
> services. This is one reason that the AERC has been behind the eight ball
> for many years.

Thats a good point.  And if anyone can prove to me that the cost of 
the extra member on a family membership is only $7.50 I volunteer
to verify a ride mileage of their choice by walking it off with a
survey wheel.  


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