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Re: LD and AERC mileage sanction changes

True, AERC shouldn't need to "sanction" anything under 25 as far as I am concerned
but I still think having the smaller fun rides as a sort of "clinic" for those who
have yet to be introduced to this sport is a good idea... we have poker runs all
the time in this area and the 15 competitive novice ride seems popular but I think
it would be cool, at least in my neck of the woods, to introduce the unintroduced
to the sport via a "clinic" kind of ride... people will go to almost anything if
it's a "clinic" anymore!  :)  It doesn't even have to have anything to do with a
full blown ride...I know managers and vets are busy enough at these and I am sure
this would be small potatoes... I'd like to find a way in this county for some of
the people to break away once in awhile from the (excuse me all 4-H people) rut of
4-H shows and such... I see a lot of kids get burned out in 4-H (which is why I
encourage my daughter so strongly to distance ride with me....and we can BOTH do
it!).  Anyway, it would be too complicated to offer something like that at a ride
but I still think it would be a neat idea to introduce people to the sport, have
some fun riding and LEARN!
Maggie wrote:

> In a message dated 12/30/98 3:21:19 PM Pacific Standard Time,
> writes:
> <<  5)  Mileage, time, and placements are
>  > not tracked for "clinics".  (who would
>  > expect mileage, time or placement for a
>  > clinic?) >>
> It all sounds fine, but why on earth do we need to sanction "clinics"?  Why
> not just leave well enough alone, and let managers run these "clinics" as they
> are now, as learning experiences with veterinary control, held in conjunction
> with rides, so the curious can come see what we are all about?  We are making
> this whole thing entirely too complicated...
> Heidi Smith, DVM

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