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Adding Gas tanks.

I'm looking at trucks - ideally I'd like an extended cab long-bed, but
for parking considerations I need to look at short beds.  However, the
short-bed trucks have smaller gas tanks - the Chevrolet Silverado only
has a 25 gallon capacity! With a big engine, that wouldn't last me
long pulling over the Sierras.
You can't special order one with a bigger tank either.  I have called
all over trying to get an idea of how much it would be to add on a
10 gallon tank, or replace with a bigger one.  I can't find anyone
that will add a gas tank.  Does anyone out there (in California) know
anyone that will do this?  It's more difficult here, because of all
the extra smog stuff (there is some sort of re-circulating of gas
vapors.)  Any suggestions would be appreciated! (I'm located in the
Bay Area, but I'll travel if needs be!)

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