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Re: membership fees


I used to do the same with my mom since my parents and I rent a 
place together, but AERC has now tightened restrictions on family
membership and I can no longer do this.  I think they must be losing
money on the family memberships or they would not have had to tighten
the restrictions.  The current family membership is certainly a great
deal compared to the non-member fees!  My mom is very much more into
jumping than endurance and has done 2 LD's and 1 50 in the past 3
years.  I decided that an extra $65 was more extra support then I
wanted to give AERC this year since she is certainly not going to 
do several rides, so AERC is no longer getting any extra money from me. 


> I just wanted to point out one advantage to the minimal $10 difference
> between single and family membership... I pay the family membership and
> include my husband, even though he has never ridden a ride (has barely
> ridden a horse!). I figure, if he ever does A ride, it'll be paid for.
> In the meantime, AERC gets an extra $10 each year for nothing. And I
> DON'T mind!
> Stephanie McCray
> Golden, CO

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