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Re: membership fees

On Wed, 30 Dec 1998 13:25:40 -0700, Visions of the Wind
<> wrote:

>I just wanted to point out one advantage to the minimal $10 difference
>between single and family membership... I pay the family membership and
>include my husband, even though he has never ridden a ride (has barely
>ridden a horse!). I figure, if he ever does A ride, it'll be paid for.
>In the meantime, AERC gets an extra $10 each year for nothing. And I
>DON'T mind!

I suppose not!  You're getting a second membership for only a tiny
fraction of a full membership fee.

Has anyone else noticed that the AERC charges a non-member a fee to do
a single ride that is equal to what a second family member pays for a
full year's membership?  Does anyone really think that's FAIR?


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