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Horses and Herbs

As some of you know, our company (Lady J Land & Livestock) is getting ready
to release Herbal Products for our horses that are made here in the west and
expressly formulated for the needs of North American horses.  The Products
will be marketed under the trade name "The Wild Bunch": Food for the Equine
Athlete. If the final packaging problems are solved, the products will
debute at the convention.

You are all absolutely right that the herbs will help your horses fight the
infections.  I would recommend that you buy your herbs in bulk rather than
as packaged for humans just because of the cost factor. BUT, you might
remember that I have repeatedly sought information about the blood testing
done at rides.  Some of the herbs you are discussing will "test".  No one
has told me why or what specific substances are being tested for so this
makes it awfully difficulty to warn you about which ones might be a long
term problem.

For example, Echinacea is usually mixed with Goldenseal to help the body
fight colds and flu.  If you have given this to your horses to help build
the immune system and your horse has remained healthy as hoped, you might
find yourself testing positive at a ride with a perfectly healthy, happy and
successful horse. 

Truck drivers who are routinely tested for drugs immediately disclose
Goldenseal as it can affect a number of tests.  I don't know how long it may
stay in the system nor do I yet know what may test positive and what won't.
We are working on that information but everything is so vague that we cannot
give you definitive answers yet.  Apparently, neither can anyone else.

The next step if to plant the herbs in your pastures and put them up in your
hay.  Your horses know what they need better than you do, particulary if
they have been turned out as young animals.

Joane and the Herd
Price, Utah


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