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Re: Quotes of the horse

This is definitely NOT from the Bible.
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From: Potato RICHARDSON <>
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Date: Tuesday, December 29, 1998 4:35 PM
Subject: Quotes of the horse

>Is this from the bible?
>>"... and God sought to bestow upon man a supreme mark of his blessing, 
>>created the horse.  The horse could run faster than the deer, jump 
>>than the goat, and endure longer than the wolf.  Man, being encompassed 
>>elements that sought to destroy him, would have been a slave, had the 
>>not made him king."
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>>Sent: Monday, December 28, 1998 7:02 PM
>>Subject: Horses and colds
>>Jeffers catalog has Echinacia syrup a month  supply for around 13 
>bucks.  I
>>haven't tryed it yet so I don't know how it works.  But if its designed 
>>horses it would be the right dose for their size.  The human version is
>>Jeffers #1-800-JEFFERS. Good luck!
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