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Re: Hauling across country alone plus dog

I shipped my 8 month old filly and my stallion from Tucson, AZ to Golden, CO
this summer with a professional shipper. The filly had NEVER been trailered.
They stopped overnight (for about four hours) in CO Springs, where they let
both horse off to run around in a small paddock. They both arrived here
looking healthy and happy! They had water in the fillies stall - a bucket
with a screen floating on top to minimize splashing. I would definitely
rather ship my horse for that long a haul, rather than risking it by myself!

Stephanie McCray
Golden, CO

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Date: Monday, December 28, 1998 8:59 PM
Subject: Re: Hauling across country alone plus dog

Hi Maggie, Having both shipped a horse (from minnesota to california & back
again) by professional hauler and having hauled my endurance horse from
California to Texas, Utah, Colorado (you get the picture).  I would advise
shipping him professionally (if you can afford it).  it is one thing if
going anyway to ride, need to take it really easy and have your horse ready
do a 100 or 50 when you get there.  If you need to get him from point A to
point B and he can rest when he gets there I think a reputable shipping
company is the way to go.  Especially since you point out that you are
inexperienced in long distance hauling.  There is a lot to think about!
some of these critters decide not to get back into that awful trailer
after you've crossed the point of no return) and there you are out in the
middle of nowhere with 900 pounds of horse that doesn't want to cooperate!
When we moved from California to Minnesota (and back again) we used a
company called Pegasus (they ship race horses).  It took only  a few days to
make the trip and my horse arrived, both times, in remarkably good
I was able to get on the van before hand and see how he would travel
(Greyhound passengers should have it so good).  He had food and nice bedding
the entire way, lots of water and an available veterinary assistant if
(could give shots, i.e. tranquilizers, if needed).  No, they didn't unload,
but I think considering the possibilities that was best.

Whatever you decide, good luck!  KOA campsites do work out well and if
looking for an adventure, then traveling cross country during the winter
a horse you don't know would definitely qualify!  Once again, best wishes!


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