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WEC pictures-Teddy

Teddy - what nice pictures !!   Thank you for everything you did in Dubai for
Sam and I and the entire squad.    Your support and cheery face in spite of
your lost shipment was incredible.    It was really nice to see you there. 
Needless to say Sam and I are happy to be home.  His face lit up like a
Christmas Tree when he saw his cozy barn and stablemates.   With this winter
weather he is shivering a bit and will need to wear his blanket day and night.
I just read that the Canadian horses are home and I am sure they are alot
colder then we are.    I am off to the Doctors on Monday as the desert dust
settled in my lungs and I have been coughing for a week.    I am sure that a
little "gold shopping" would be better then antibiotics, but alas the souk is
too far away.    
See you on trail !!!    
I am thinking of having the motto  "To Finish is To Win"   tattooded on my arm
after this one. 
Patti and Sam 

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