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Re: Winter reather & Christmas

We live in Michigan and my sister-in-law (Midland, MI) had a rose bloom in her
back yard last week!!   This week, the wind chill was -30 below!  The dogs started
shedding and I was worried the horses might start shedding, too but I do believe
they grew some more this week!!

Lynne Glazer wrote:

> A week ago we had record highs, and this week they say we're going to have
> record lows!  Just in time for Christmas (and to kill off the fly
> population).  My furry horses are a lot more comfortable in this cold than
> in that heat!  And after spending the weekend in Boise, it feels positively
> balmy here.  Thanks to Karen Steenhof for putting on a great party; it was
> wonderful to get together with such a great gang of endurance (and
> dressage, Karen <g>) riders.
> Happy holidays to everyone from sunny (and cold) SoCal!
> Lynne
> Rem-member Me (hitting the trail again with much enthusiasm)
> Celesteele (time to start ponying)
> At 9:16 AM -0800 12/21/98, wrote:
> >Yesterday - December 20th - Several weather fronts coming from the NW, hail,
> >sleet, and snow flurries. This at 500 ft. elevation with the Pacific Ocean at
> >our front door (about two miles away airline).  Snow seen on the mountains
> >above us at 1800 ft. elevation.  This morning - 29 degrees F., ice on the
> >puddles, frost on the ground, the horse paddocks frozen and hooves crunching
> >as the horses come across for hay. Granted, this isn't Cut Bank, Montana, but
> >for Swanton, CA in Santa Cruz County? A rare incident!  Merry Christmas
> >everyone, from Lud and Barbara McCrary (Castle Rock 50, Applegate-Lassen
> >5-day, and Swanton Pacific 100) !!!

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