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Re: Winter reather & Christmas

Dear Lynne and Barb,
     I'm trying to work up some empathy for y'all but it's gonna be difficult:
standing temps are supposed to be about 15 degrees in Michigan tomorrow, with
high winds driving a wind-chill factor which will make the how-cold-it-
actually-feels temperature down between -20 to -45.  No, I won't be riding.  
     Happy Holidays from gray, (and colder) Michigan. (Now we are probably
going to hear from the Alaskan contingent . . .<g>)

Trish & pretty David,
Grand Blanc, Michigan

 A week ago we had record highs, and this week they say we're going to have
 record lows!  Just in time for Christmas (and to kill off the fly
 population).  My furry horses are a lot more comfortable in this cold than
 in that heat!  And after spending the weekend in Boise, it feels positively
 balmy here.  Thanks to Karen Steenhof for putting on a great party; it was
 wonderful to get together with such a great gang of endurance (and
 dressage, Karen <g>) riders.
 Happy holidays to everyone from sunny (and cold) SoCal!
 Rem-member Me (hitting the trail again with much enthusiasm)
 Celesteele (time to start ponying)
 At 9:16 AM -0800 12/21/98, wrote:
 >Yesterday - December 20th - Several weather fronts coming from the NW, hail,
 >sleet, and snow flurries. This at 500 ft. elevation with the Pacific Ocean
 >our front door (about two miles away airline).  Snow seen on the mountains
 >above us at 1800 ft. elevation.  This morning - 29 degrees F., ice on the
 >puddles, frost on the ground, the horse paddocks frozen and hooves crunching
 >as the horses come across for hay. Granted, this isn't Cut Bank, Montana,
 >for Swanton, CA in Santa Cruz County? A rare incident!  Merry Christmas
 >everyone, from Lud and Barbara McCrary (Castle Rock 50, Applegate-Lassen
 >5-day, and Swanton Pacific 100) !!! >>

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