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Re: horse that crabs

In a message dated 12/25/98 12:03:06 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< My experience is similar. However, I am not completely convinced that
 it isn't ME that is causing the horse to be crooked rather than the
 other way around sometimes. >>

I've often wondered this myself, but only two or three horses during the past
28 years I've ridden endurance have done this.  Others go perfectly straight.
Also, one of those horses I had bought from someone else who rode him
endurance, and when I discovered his way of going (which was off again, on
again), I asked the person from whom I had bought him.  I was told the horse
did this when he was tired.  However, he reached a point where he did it all
the time. I emphasize that not all the horses I've ridden (and that is quite a
number) have done this.


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