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Best Wishes to All!

Merry Christmas, Seasons Greetings, Happy New Year...!
I wish you all the best during the holidays and for 1999.
Ridecamp and Endurance Net are entering year 5 ... just
amazing to me. It has been very very rewarding and I have
to thank all of you for making it such an amazing resource.
Ridecamp is many things - some good, some not-so-good,
but it is never dull! And I also thank you for your consideration
in keeping this forum friendly and informative. Ridecamp
certainly has a unique and special mix of talents and personalities.

I would also like to thank my advertisers and clients. Thanks
to them I have been able to make a solid business out of this
crazy obsession and I certainly hope the exposure they
get from Endurance Net has helped their businesses as well.
I'm including a list of clients and advertisers, most of whom
can be accessed on the Endurance Net page (
or Horse-Shop ( If you haven't visited some
of these sites, please find time over the holidays to see what is
blooming on the web.

Again - thanks to all and Best Wishes!

Steph Teeter

 Endurance Net clients:

Animal Tacker

Arabian Saddle Company

Arbee Ice Boots

Belesemo Arabians

Cloud Stirrups

DC Enterprises Ice Therapy

Donna Snyder-Smith

EasyCare Inc

Equine Screen Saver

Evac Vacuum Saddle Pad

Fire Mountain Arabians

Frank Baines Saddles


Higher Mark Performance Tack

Lew Hollander

HorseWorks (Genie Stewart-Spears)


Hought Endurance Tack

Renegade Rides

Ricochet Ridge

Running Bear Farm

Sagehill Arabians

Slypner Horseshoes


Sundowner of Utah

Van Gilder Arabians


Death Valley Encounter

New Mexico Renegade Ride

Outlaw Trail Ride

Pony Express XP Rides

Plus the following Horse-Shop customers can be
found at :

3 Horse Enterprises

Advanced Biological Concepts

Australian Connection

Black Rock, Inc

Cheval International

Circle (H) Products

Country & Western Boot Hanger Co

Cowboy Magic & Tailtamer Products

DC Enterprises

Dynamite Specialty Products

EasyCare, Inc


Georgia Farrier Supply

Horse Connection

Horseman Video Showcase

Lew Hollander

RandalLyn Enterprises

Rein Gear Tack

Rigney's Traveleze

Saddle Right, Inc

Shiloh Aussie Saddle

Shoreline Select


Steed Limited


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