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Van Gilder Arabians, LLC
Breeding Quality Arabians Since 1949

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Vangilder Arabians

    CMK, Crabbet related, Early American Foundation, Domestic, American Foundation, Kellogg related... all these terms help describe our horses. We have stayed true to what our vision of a great riding horse is. We have outcrossed a few times to old Polish, with the biggest influence being our outcross to *Exelsjor, through his daughter,Valentine Dream (*Exelsjor x Muletta by Muhuli) We have primarily stayed with Crabbet, Maynesboro and Kellogg lines, with the Abu Farwa lines of Muhuli, Farlane and Sarat Thani having great influence in our bloodstock.
    For more information on CMK lines check this site out!

    Ohara's Reflection Our foals are our future. We breed for disposition, conformation, athleticism, and for the preservation of old unique bloodlines. We believe our stallions worth lies in the quality of their get as well as their pedigree. Our horses are top notch riding and companion horses.

    We have a new update page, being updated by my teenage cousin and by myself (at times) Go to for current news on foals with pictures. This page should be fun, with a "youthful" feel!!

    We may consider selling some mares that are not on our sales list if they can go to the right people for continued breeding or use in an athletic endeavor, so if you see something on our list of horses we own that you are interested in, please inquire as to whether we would consider selling or leasing. Time marches on and it is becoming evident that we need to cut back...although we will continue to produce a few outstanding foals each year. So please check in often and see what is happening on the ranch. If you are ever in the area please feel free to stop by for a visit.

    Marjorie Van Gilder

    • 2003 EACHS Lifetime Achievement Award Sadie Rich
    • 2004 EACHS Hall of Fame Recipient

    Breeders of:
    • * Muferra, dam of RT Muffin, Hall of Fame Endurance Horse
    • * Glorys Khalil, top 100 mile endurance horse, Bronze winner - 1997 Pan Am Championship
    • * Vals Starburst, winning racehorse, Darley Award winner
    • * Lexcels Sapphire, 1994 WASHRA Mare of the Year
    • * Faylicia, 1996 WASHRA Mare of the Year
    • * Vals Stardancer, Quadra Crown Race winner 2000
    • * Mackies Emerald 1998 ARAO Mare of the Year,Quadra Crown Race winner 1998, 1999,2000 COBRA Mare of the Year,2000 NWARAB Mare of the Year, Retiring from racing in 2001 in 3rd place ranking of Older Mares in the Nation! Emerald was also a Darley Award winner in 2001 (top five)
    • * Sadie M, 2001 Quadra Crown Halter winner
    and the list goes on...

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