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Re: Winter reather & Christmas

In a message dated 12/25/98 9:20:47 AM Pacific Standard Time, RICMARC writes:

<< We in New England are having a great winter so far. No snow
      it has been in the 50 & 60s  >>

My gosh, you're having a veritable heat wave !! We're having a sequal to El
Nino; they call it La Nina (El Nino's little sister), and it is marked by
colder that normal weather. In an area that has a year around average
temperature of 60 degrees (never too cold, never too hot), this temp in the
high 20s is something we're not really used to.  I know it's a joke to people
who live in REALLY cold country, but you have to consider the fact that we're
simply not acclimated to it. The air is dry, too -- dry skin and hair, needles
falling off the Christmas tree, chapped lips, and ice on the dogs' water dish.
( Have never been to New England - it's on our list for a vacation, perhaps in


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