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Is there any accurate new information on the treatment of a horse that has
enteroliths?  My four year old filly had passed some small round ones a
couple of years ago, soon after I got her.  My trainer at the time said that
the change in exercise and diet probably caused her to pass them (they were
quite small).  I've moved her a year ago to where I board now.  We feed a
grain hay mix with 30-35% Alfalfa.  I do remember from a seminar I attended
that there was a strong suspiscion that Alfalfa was a major
cause/contributor.  I try to avoid it.  She has just passed a larger one (a
bit larger than a golf ball).  She had been off work for 2 months as she is
teething and was pretty cranky.  She is back onto conditioning and after our
first ride she passed the ent.  She never seems to be colicy, always eats
like a pig.  I'm worried, she is 5 in April and is a neat little pony.  I
would like to do some limited distance with her eventually and then maybe
breed her to an Arab later in life.  I'd like her to be around for a long
time.  Any suggestions????  Marisa

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