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Re: lactic acid and cramping

In a message dated 12/24/98 11:06:16 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Heidi,
 If that is true, do you think that the product Pro-Burst would NOT be
 useful on those horses that cramp later in a ride? It is supposed to
 reduce muscle lactic acid and control 'tie up'. Do you think it would
 only have potential benefits for horses that tie up early on as
 opposed to those that cramp (not necessarily tie up) after prolonged

Lactic acid production is a consequence of tying up, not a cause. I believe
Pro-Burst is branched chain amino acids--useful in slightly reducing lactic
acid production during high intensity exercise--as is Lactanase (lipoic acid).
I doubt that these products would be of much use in endurance horses.


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