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Re: Fun with Fitness!!

>Okay, I'll play.
>2. Comes in, drags you to the water bucket - takes a long dring of water -
takes a
>big deep breath - and you watch his pulse drop like a rock.

Me too!

3)  Comes across the finish line, stops to pee (for the 5th time that
day)...oh and the pee is clear....and before he's done the alarm on your
monitor is already beeping, cuz you've dropped below 60. 

Or here's one in reverse:

Comes across the finish line, walks over to the vet.  Notices his 'buddy'
and the pulse immediately goes from 52 to just about the time
somebody is placing a stethoscope on him.  ;^)

Happy Trails,

in Gardnerville
& Rocky...but mom *I* wouldn't do that....would I? ;8)

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